Automate your workflow with the Nuix API’s.

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Take advantage of the full functional parity of our native and REST APIs to automate your workflow. Help your business achieve maturity by codifying processes, institutionalizing knowledge, decreasing reliance on individual contributors, and improving the transparency, repeatability, and defensibility of your daily work.

Do you have home-grown applications, are you using Nuix in concert with another vendor’s software, or are you looking to bring Nuix into your “best-of-breed” ecosystem? You’re in luck! The Nuix APIs enable graceful integration of our capabilities.

Does this feel a bit complex? No worries there; our staff stands ready to assist with training, certification, support, and advice on how to best accomplish your goals. You can also visit the Nuix Community to see how others have addressed similar use cases, find resources on tackling this challenge, and even code samples to help you get started.

Feel like you need even more help with this? Our partner network includes trained and certified systems integrators, supported by Nuix, ready to assist you with implementation.

Nuix has an amazing capacity to act upon the most complex data problems, but when you run across something brand new or if you have a very specific use case and need to implement bespoke logic, we have you covered.

Nuix’s native Java, JRuby, and Jython APIs allow for quick extension of built-in functions. The REST API is intuitive and ideal for distributed development or invoking Nuix remotely. These APIs allow you to take advantage of our extensible nature by means of the various event handlers and callbacks seeded through relevant functions.

Make our software’s data traversals your own, extend the platform to suit your needs, or jump start your net-new idea with the world’s most powerful and extensible data extraction engine.

Last modified January 6, 2021