Version 9.2 Release Notes

Nuix RESTful Service, Version 9.2, released in April 2021.

Nuix Engine

Nuix RESTful Service has been updated to use version 9.2 of the Nuix Engine. Details about what is included with this update can be found in the v9.2 changelog.

Nuix Developer Documentation

Nuix is proud to announce the introduction of the Nuix Developer Portal as a new source for online based Nuix SDK developer documentation.

Access the portal to find the latest documentation for installing and configuring your instance of Nuix RESTful Service, API references, quick start guides, tutorials, code samples, and more.

Visit to access to the latest Nuix SDK developer documentation to help automate your workflows using the Nuix APIs.

Promote to Nuix Discover®

Nuix RESTful Service now supports the ability to export items from a Nuix case directly to an existing Nuix Discover SaaS case using the new Promote to Nuix Discover endpoint


With this endpoint, users can promote a subset of discoverable items to an existing Nuix Discover SaaS case for further analysis, review, and production.


The /authenticatedUsers/login endpoint has been updated to now accept both US and UK spellings of the licenseShortName parameter. Accepted parameter spellings include:

  • licenseShortName - (US)
  • licenceShortName - (UK)


The default values associated with the ProcessorSettings parameter have been updated to match the current version of the Nuix Engine.

General Enhancements

The Dnuix.executor.threads system property has been removed from the default startup java options used by Nuix RESTful service.

Resolved Issues

  • Nuix RESTful Service no longer sets a system path variable for the Nuix Engine in Windows based installations. This modification allows multiple instances of the Nuix Engine to coexist on the same machine.
  • Instances where source evidence is missing or has been removed from a case are now indicated with the correct error message.
  • An issue has been resolved that caused a null pointer exception to occur when making calls to the /cases/{caseId}/thumbnails endpoint.
  • Nuix Server has been added as a valid Nuix license type that can be consumed by Nuix RESTful Service.
  • Accessing the API Swagger documentation at http://<serverName>:8080/nuix-restful-service/svc/docs no longer causes a 401 Unauthorized Error due to a jsessionid being appended to the URL after redirect.
  • Custom processing profiles are no longer ignored and replaced with default processing settings when using the Nuix Scripting API.
Last modified April 20, 2021