Version 9.0 Release Notes

Nuix RESTful Service, Version 9.0, released in January 2021.

Nuix Engine

Nuix RESTful Service has been updated to use version 9.0 of the Nuix Engine. Details about what is included with this update can be found in the v9.0 changelog.

Java 11

Nuix RESTful Service has been upgraded to OpenJDK 11.

Elasticsearch 7.8.1

Nuix RESTful Service has been updated to support Elasticsearch v7.8.1. To use existing Elasticsearch based Nuix cases, your Elasticsearch cluster must first be upgraded to v7.8.1.

Refer to the Elasticsearch Reference [7.8] documentation for details on performing this upgrade.


The AsyncItemSetDelete function of the /cases/{caseId}/itemSets/{itemSetName} endpoint has been modified to now function asynchronously.

OCR Profile Details

A new OCR endpoint has been added that enables users to retrieve the template details of a specified OCR profile.

GET /ocrProfiles/{name}/details

Paginated Results

The numberOfRecordsRequested parameter used by search-based endpoints has been modified to now return paginated results by default. This changes the previous default behavior which was to return all results at once. Calls to any of the following endpoints will now return results in increments of 100 by default. This value can be modified by updating the numberOfRecordsRequested parameter with a custom value.

Endpoints affected by this change include:

  • /cases/{caseId}/clusterRuns/{clusterRunName}/items
  • /cases/{caseId}/itemSets/{itemSetName}/items
  • /cases/{caseId}/productionSets/{productionSetId}/items
  • /cases/{caseId}/search

General Enhancements

All code and dependencies associated with the User Management Server (UMS) have been removed from Nuix RESTful Service as UMS is not functionally required for the operation of Nuix REST.

Resolved Issues

  • An issue has been resolved that prevented failed functions from returning a failure status.
  • OCR text output is now immediately available to the case when an OCR function completes successfully.
  • MD5 deduplicated requests to the /v1/cases/{caseId}/count endpoint no longer generates a null pointer exception.
Last modified April 20, 2021