Quick Start Guides

Learn how to use Nuix RESTful Service.

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The topics in this section provide instructions, guidance, and examples for accessing and using the core features of the Nuix RESTful API. For each endpoint described within this guide, instructions are provided using simple cURL commands. Any tool capable of making HTTP calls, such as Postman, can be used to achieve the same results.

Use the API reference documentation embedded in your instance of Nuix RESTful Service, localhost:8080/nuix-restful-service/svc/docs, to supplement the instructions in these guides.

Set Up your Development Environment

Learn how to set up your dev environment.

Checking Server Status

Verify if your instance of Nuix RESTful Service is running.

Manage Licenses with REST

Learn how to acquire and manage Nuix licenses.

Manage Cases within your Inventory

Learn how to create and manage Nuix cases.

Process Data into a Nuix Case

Learn how to ingest data into a Nuix cases.

Checking the Status of a Function

Learn how to check on the status of a running function.

Retrieving Diagnostics

Learn how to retrieve diagnostics.

Last modified April 22, 2021