Introduction to Nuix RESTful Service

Learn the basics.

1 minute read

Complete API documentation is available at

The documentation is also availabe on your local installation at: http://localhost:8080/nuix-restful-service/svc/docs

For any concerns regarding use, licensing, or if you require further information, contact the Nuix support team at

Part 1: Verifying your Installation

Verify that Nuix REST is installed correctly and running.

Part 2: Verifying your Licenses

Verify that Nuix REST has licenses configured.

Part 3: Authentication

Log in to use Nuix REST.

Part 4: Case Creation

Case creation basics.

Part 5: Ingestion

Perform a simple file ingestion.

Part 6: Search

Perform a simple synchronous search.

Part 7: Exclusions

Excluding items from a case.

Part 8: Item Sets and Deduplication

Creating item sets and deduplication.

Part 9: OCR

OCR items in a case.

Part 10: Tagging

Tagging items in a case.

Part 11: Production Sets

Create a production set from our data.

Part 12: Case Subset

Subset case data into a new case.

Part 13: Exports

Export items from a case.

Part 14: Clustering

Run asynchronous tasks in a cluster

Last modified February 9, 2021