Installing Nuix RESTful Service

Learn how to install Nuix RESTful Service.

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Use the details and instructions in the following topics to download and install Nuix RESTful Service. The installer itself is a wizard-based program that provides on screen guidance to help you through the installation steps.

The key topics covered in this guide are:

  • System Requirements
  • Installing Nuix RESTful Service
  • Configuration setup
  • Locating API documentation

For any concerns regarding installation, use, or licensing of the Nuix RESTful Service, or if you require further information, contact the Nuix support team at

System Requirements

Before you begin using Nuix RESTful Service, it is important to properly install and configure any additional required software. System requirements as well as detailed instructions for installing and configuring Nuix RESTful Service are included within this guide.

Hardware Requirements

The hardware configurations described in the following table are recommended for Nuix RESTful Service.

Size System Requirements Tomcat + JVM memory Workers OS Memory
Small Laptop with 16 GB RAM, Dual Core processor SSD 6 GB 2, each with 3 GB memory 4 GB
Medium Workstation with 32 GB RAM, Quad Core processor, 15 K RPM or SSD drives 8 GB 4, each with 5 GB memory 4 GB
Large Server with 96-256 GB RAM, Quad core processor, 15 K RPM or SSD drives 20-60 GB 8, each with 8-16 GB memory 4 GB

Software Requirements

The following software is required:

Operating System Support

Nuix RESTful Service supports the latest versions of each of the following operating systems.

Operating System Version
Microsoft Windows 64-bit Windows 10
Windows Server 2019
Windows Server 2016 R2
Debian 9
Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
16.04 LTS

Authentication prerequisites

Nuix RESTful Service only supports Basic authentication. Refer to the following prerequisites when configuring NMS.

  • Nuix Management Server:
    • Install Nuix Management Server (NMS) version 8.6 or later.
    • Ensure that the Authentication mode is set to Basic built-in form authentication.
    • Ensure that the NMS instance is broadcasting on the same address from which clients, including Nuix RESTful Service, will access it.
    • Create an admin user in NMS for basic authentication.
    • Ensure that licenses are enabled for users and groups that request licenses through Nuix RESTful services.

To purchase a license, contact for more information.

Installing on Windows

Install the Nuix RESTful Service in a Windows environment.

Install on Linux

Install the Nuix RESTful Service in a Linux environment.


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Last modified June 18, 2020