Application Settings

Learn about the configurable application level settings that are available for Nuix RESTful Service.

All configurable properties for the Nuix RESTful Service application are stored within the file. To access this file, navigate to the settings directory within the Nuix RESTful Service installation directory.

  • Windows default: C:\Program Files\Nuix\Nuix RESTful Service\settings
  • Linux default: /opt/nuix-restful-service/settings

To make a change, update the value associated with the property you want to modify. After saving the file, restart Nuix RESTful Service for the changes to take effect.

Setting Description Example
autoMigrateCases When set to true, cases will be automatically migrated to the current installed version of the Nuix Engine when opened. false
asyncFunctionResultRetention The length of time in milliseconds to retain the results of asynchronous functions. 300000
cluster.enabled Set to true to enable clustering on an instance of Nuix RESTful Service. false
cluster.role.producer Set to true to configure a node as a producer. Producers can receive asynchronous function requests and add them to the clustering queue for processing. Only valid when cluster.enabled=true. false
cluster.role.consumer Set to true to configure a node as a consumer. Consumers can process asynchronous function requests that have been added to the clustering queue for processing. Only valid when cluster.enabled=true. false
configurationFolder The location where REST application configuration files are stored. /settings
cors.allow.origin A comma-separated list of permitted cross origin hosts. A value of * allows all domains. *
closeCasesIfIdleInMinutes The length of time a case can remain idle before being automatically closed. If set to 0, idle cases will never close automatically. 10
function.queue.pause.timeout The length of time in minutes that the asynchronous function queue will pause when paused. 5
hazelcastTcpIpMembers A comma-separated list of IP addresses that identifies all nodes included in a cluster. Only valid when cluster.enabled=true.,
ignoreDerbyCases Disallows the creation of Derby cases. false
inventoryLocations A comma-separated list of directory paths where cases are stored. /cases
inventoryRefresh The length of time in milliseconds to wait before checking the case inventory for updates. 60000
exportsFolder The location where exports are saved. /exports
logging.config The location of the Logback configuration file. settings/logback.xml
logging.json.enabled Set to true to enable the generation of REST logs in JSON format. This format is easier to process in applications like Filebeat. false The name of the file where logs are output. nuix-rest.log
maxItemTextLength The maximum number of characters to return for each item. If no value is set, all item text is returned.
nuix.engine.path The location where the Nuix Engine is installed. /nuix-engine
nuix.engine.userDataDirs A comma-separated list of paths to the Nuix Engine user-data directories. user-data,shared-user-data
nuix.logdir The location where Nuix worker logs are stored. /logs
nuix.registry.servers The URL of a Nuix Management Server (NMS) or Nuix Cloud License Server (CLS). (CLS)
nuix.license.source The method being used for license acquisition. See Licensing Configuration for additional information on configuring different license sources. server = NMS
cloud-server = CLS
nuix.license.server.username The username of an NMS or CLS account, determined by nuix.license.source, that will be used to perform license checks.
nuix.license.server.password The plaintext password of the licensing user. Use this property when changing the password of your licensing user.
Note: After restarting the application, the password is encrypted and saved to nuix.license.server.securePassword and the plaintext value is cleared.
nuix.license.server.securePassword The encrypted password of the licensing user.
Note: If a new password is entered for nuix.license.server.password, the value of this property will be automatically updated for the new password once the application is restarted.
pathToResources The location of the resources directory. The specified directory path should include the queryValidationCase, which is included during installation. /resources
publicURL The domain URL of the Nuix RESTful Service application. http://localhost:nuix-restful-service/svc:8080
returnNuixLicenseIfIdleInMinutes The length of time a user can remain idle before being logged out and the license is reclaimed. Setting a value of 0 will cause sessions not to expire when idle. 30
searchThumbnailsExportDirectory The location where thumbnails are stored. /thumbnails
serverId A unique identifier for the Nuix RESTful Service instance. rest-1 A name for the Nuix RESTful Service instance. worker-1
server.port The port the application listens on. 8080
server.tags A comma separated list of tags to identify a node within a clustered environment. See Clustering server tags for additional information. coordinator,worker
server.servlet.context-path The context path is the name of the URL at which the Nuix RESTful Service application is accessed. /nuix-restful-service/svc
server.tomcat.basedir The base directory where Apache Tomcat® is located. INSTALLATION_DIRECTORY
server.tomcat.accesslog.buffered Whether to buffer output such that it is flushed only periodically. false The location where access logs are written. /logs
server.tomcat.accesslog.enabled Enable or Disable the creation of access logs. false
server.tomcat.accesslog.prefix Access log prefix. nuix_rest_access_log
spring.http.multipart.max-file-size The maximum upload size for multipart/form-data. 1000MB
spring.http.multipart.max-request-size The maximum request size for multipart/form-data. 1000MB
threadpool.asyncfunction Control the number of threads available for asynchronous functions. 4
threadpool.nativesearch Control the number of threads available to marshal search items. 10
threadpool.searchUnsortedManager Control the number of threads available for unsorted search functions. 4
threadpool.searchUnsorted Control the number of threads available to marshal unsorted search items. 4
userScriptsLocation The location where user scripts are read from for execution. /user-scripts
Last modified April 20, 2021