Learn how to integrate Nuix into your existing workflows using the Nuix REST SDK.

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Nuix REST SDK provides an API interface for the Nuix Engine. Through the API, you have access to core Nuix functionality such as case creation and data processing as well as the ability to cull case data using common Nuix search methods. Nuix RESTful Service aims to provide full parity between the native Nuix Engine and Scripting APIs.

Installing Nuix RESTful Service

Learn how to install Nuix RESTful Service.

Configuring Nuix RESTful Service

Customize and expand Nuix RESTful Service with post-installation customizations.

Quick Start Guides

Learn how to use Nuix RESTful Service.

Introduction to Nuix RESTful Service

Learn the basics.

User Scripts

Learn how to write custom scripts to extend the functionality of the Nuix REST SDK.

Release Notes

Find out what’s new with Nuix RESTful Service.

Last modified April 22, 2021