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The following table identifies the top 50 most popular Nuix repositories as of December 2019.

Name Description
NX A Java library which provides simplified Java Swing components, simplifying creating a settings dialog or displaying a progress dialog from a script in Nuix
Search Module A script to bulk search and tag items in a Nuix case.
Export-Profile-Plus A script for exporting case metadata into various formats or as custom metadata fields
NuixUCRT This is the Nuix Universal Case Reporting Tool
Custom-Exporter Assists with creating exports with custom numbering/naming and pathing
Reg Ripper Integrates RegRipper with Nuix Workstation
Regex-Scanner Scan item text and properties with a series of regular expressions. Capture results as a report, tags or custom metadata.
Tiered-Report This script allows you to define and generate reports on data ingested into one or more Nuix cases
Communication-Scanner Scan and tag email items based on the email addresses present on them.
SuperUtilities A library of helper methods built on top of the Nuix API
Custodian-Export Export items by custodian.
Nukers Sometimes you need an easy way to just remove some work product almost entirely from a case.
Case-Migration-Script Migrates a list of Nuix cases to the latest case version.
Top-Level-Dupe-Info-Propagation Annotates top level items and their descendants with information about duplicate custodians and duplicate paths.
Investigator-Report A script to export a standalone hyperlinked HTML report allowing someone to review item information
PDF-and-Text-Importer This script provides a way to import text and PDF files into a Nuix case by matching file names to items by either MD5 or GUID
Bulk-Ingestron This script provides a way to bulk ingest data into one or more cases.
Annotate-From-CSV Annotate Nuix case items in bulk using a CSV
Yara-Integration Integrate Yara binary scanning tool with Nuix Workbench
Intersection-Report Generate a report where a series of values are generated based on each row and column query combination
Export-Family-PDFs A script which can export multiple family member items into a single PDF with bookmarks
Scripted-Metadata-Profile-Fields A collection of scripted metadata profile fields which can be included in a Nuix metadata profile
Bulk-Redactor A script offering functionality similar to the bulk redaction functionality in the Nuix Workbench user interface, with some added goodies
Nuix-Collector-Integration Script to generate Nuix Collector job files
Change-Evidence A script to alter the base directory associated with source data which has been ingested into a Nuix case
Batched-OCR Performs batch OCR by breaking a collection items into a series of smaller batches and performing OCR on each smaller batch in turn.
Scrape-Links A script which can capture URLs in the body of emails, including those which may not be represented in the plain text email body
Cluster-Export Export items by cluster.
Language-Translation Translates item text into another language
Batch-Load-Report A script which generates a report with information regarding batch loads present in a case such as batch load elapsed time
Item-Data-Propagator This scripts provides a way to propagate tags, custom metadata and text from a given selection of items to related items.
EV-Manager A script to assist with ingesting Enterprise Vault data into Nuix
Create-Tag-Batches This script allows you to tag items in batches based on number of items or number of batches.
Term-Explorer A script which provides a user interface to explore the terms present in a Nuix case
Associate-Google-Vault-Data Associates Google Vault XML data to items in the case.
Annotation-Export-Import A script which provides a way to export annotations from one case and then import them back in to another case
Annotate-Evidence-Info Annotate information from an evidence container onto its descendant item, such as default time zone and character set.
PDF-Word-Counter A script which adds custom metadata fields for “Word Count” and “Words Per Page” to searchable PDFs
Named-Entity-Redactor Takes named entity matches, redacts them from text and metadata, then records the redacted versions of those values as custom metadata.
Annotate-Root-Item-Path Records top N items of item path as custom metadata on each item processed
Presentation-Script-Console A script offering a control with similar functionality to the Nuix script console with the goal of being more presentation friendly.
OPT-Image-Importer A script which provides a way to load a series of images using an OPT into a Nuix case by first converting them to PDF
Strip-Disclaimer-Text Removes disclaimers from email body text so that you don’t get false hits on it.
Fraud-Triangle-Analysis A script which scores items based on presence of opportunity, pressure and rationalization word lists you provide
Language-Translation-Integration A script which integrates with third-party translation services like Google Cloud Translation or Microsoft Cognitive Services, providing a way to translate text of items in a Nuix case
Light-Index-Dedupe Create an item set where deduplication is performed by using an MD5 digest generated from a concatenation of select item properties
Roll-Up-Descendants Append text of immaterial descendants to their parents in an existing Nuix case
SQL-Injection-Scoring This project leverages a Worker Side Script to score log entries processed into Nuix for possible SQL injection attempts. A companion search then helps you review those scores.
Annotate-Comment-Log Captures comments made in a document that are only present in item content text and extracts them to a custom metadata field.
VirusTotal-Integration A script which provides Nuix integration with VirusTotal

Last modified January 5, 2017